Our in-house design team can create your perfect WM label for you. We have 180mm x 76mm of advertising space to work with. Download the creative brief below, tell us a bit about yourself/your company or your dog, email it back along with logo and or images you would like us to use and we will get started on creating your label.

When thinking about what you would like to put on your water bottle have a think about our Impact Zones:

-  Zone A (Primary Zone) = High impact easily seen from outside the fridge.
-  Zones B & C (Secondary level zones) less impact, not seen from outside the fridge.

*NOTE: Less is more. Keep your message simple for maximum impact.
See the pic here for zones:

Or if you have your own designers that also works for us. Download the InDesign template and the Artwork specs below and send us through your final artwork. Easy!